The Road to Zakhar - Part 6

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2021.11.30 17:26 Hemingbird The Road to Zakhar - Part 6

The cobbler's daughter plucked a frostrose from the garden and added it to her basket. Recently, she had been getting interested in spellcrafting and Alex had on several occasions offered himself up as a test subject. Healing potions. Agility enhancers. Antidotes. She had managed to mess up them all.
The healing potion burned his skin and Vivari, panicked, threw a bucket of milk over him. The agility enhancer made him walk with a limp for a week and for that time a dark cloud seemed to be hanging over Vivari's head so he decided to keep at it. Let her have some practice. So when she presented him with her latest concoction, a venom antidote, he gave her a big smile and he said, "Let's do it!" Then he heard the rattle.
She shot him a grimaced smile and laughed, awkwardly. "First we need the venom," she said. "Otherwise we won't know if it truly works..."
Alex nearly lost his life that day.
As Vivari passed him with her basket, she brushed the hair from her face and she said, "Are you going to the festival or will you be standing here on the watch for goblins?"
Her eyes with the hue of cinnamon sparkled in the low-hanging sun. Vivari's dress, one of Annacomb Riches' finest works, covered her slender frame like a thing of nature. The pattern made him think of milk with gold spots of honey and his stomach let out a faint growl in seeming agreement.
Alex scratched the back of his head. He hoped she wasn't working her way up to asking him to have another go at it. "Someone's got to be on the lookout for them. Besides, I'm no local. Featherspring means a great deal more to you than he does to me."
The fledgling spellcrafter wrinkled her nose. Did I offend her? Alex wondered. "Featherspring was a great adventurer. A treasure to all the realm!" She beat her chest with fervor and her impression of the village elder was spot on. "Featherspring promised a grand return and so we celebrate," said Vivari with melodramatic grandeur, grabbing Alex by the arm, "so that he shall have a feast when he returns! To see that he has not been forgotten! That Rhune remembers the name of Featherspring!" By the end she was slurring her words, like elder Johnroy would after a long night of celebration and copious amounts of mosswine.
"Amazing," said Alex and clapped. "Simply an amazing performance."
Vivari lifted the edges of her summer dress in a curtsy. "Oh no!" she said abruptly. "Over there! A goblin!" She pointed toward the farmlands and Alex instinctively grabbed hold of the hilt of his sword. But when he turned to look there was nothing. And when he turned back he could see Vivari scampering off in a hurry.
He let out a sigh. It was villagers like her he had taken an oath to protect. His life as an adventurer had been one of intensity and excitement, danger as well as treasure lurking behind every corner. But now ...
A mallard walked in front of him on its way to the pond. It let out a meek quack.
"I shall let you live," said Alex. The bird angled its head and looked at him before waddling onward.
He had taken this job because he had come across one too many villages lain to waste by creatures of the abyss. Goblins. Ogres. Wolves. Peace is but an illusion guarded by those who know better. It's good for plainfolk to see life as a thing of quiet. Someplace safe.
"Looking bright, my lad. Keep it up!" Fat Rhens gave a salute as he passed Alex by.
"I would be careful going that way if I were you," said Alex. "I hear someone spotted a goblin."
Fat Rhens laughed and dismissed the idea with a wave of the hand. Alex smiled. It truly seemed a ridiculous notion. When was the last time there had even been a sighting anywhere near Longswood? He'd had an encounter with a mother bear just after his arrival, but nothing had come of it. The bear had wandered back off to the woods and Alex had been embarrassed to receive a celebration in his honor on account of an event he didn't think much of at all. But to the villagers it had been a true scare. And they were always on the lookout for an excuse to celebrate.
As Alex sat down to have his lunch, marmalade porridge, he saw a flock of birds flying off eastwards. Something must have given them a scare. Probably Fat Rhens, Alex figured.
His hands were riddled with scars. The same was true for most of his body, though he had been fortunate to keep his face mostly intact. What would the children think if they were to see a guardsman missing an eye and an ear? They'd be right to think that perhaps wasn't the world so safe after all.
A particularly nasty scar running down the middle of his left arm all the way to his middle finger had been the result of an encounter in the Offlands. His party had received word that mangled body parts had been found in the area nearby. Feet, for the most part. Alex felt strangely offended that some creature out there in the night thought itself above eating human feet, while happily swallowing down the rest.
It was the first time he came face to face with a werebeast. Its breath stank of rotted flesh and it came charging at them as if clad in an aura of pure evil. If it hadn't been for Lance, Alex would today probably be nothing more than a pair of frozen feet up north.
Right then Alex caught hold of a sight that made him feel certain that he had drifted off to sleep. He rubbed his eyes but the sight remained.
"It can't be ..." he said. Garbed in his lavender robe and walking towards him assisted by his driftwood cane was Lance. Or as he was known throughout the realm: Featherspring.
Tears welled up in Alex' eyes and he could scarcely believe it. "Lance!" he cried as he got up and waved. "Is that really you? I haven't seen you since—"
Just then he noticed something odd. A trail of blood, like the slime of a garden snail, followed Lance on his path. He seemed to have sustained a serious injury, judging by the amount.
Alex hurried over. "You are bleeding," he said. "What happened?"
Lance pulled down his hood to reveal an expression of surprise painted over his pale face. His grey eyes appeared fatigued and dull, bearing little resemblance to man celebrated by the villagers as a hero.
"Oh," said Lance, looking at the shaky, crimson line behind him. "It's not mine."
Alex gave a nod, as if that remark cleared it all up, and he asked, "Are you perchance here for the festival?"
Lance let out a groan. "They're still doing that shit? Jesus. I'd forgotten how primitive you nips can be."
The comment had the sting of a dagger. Alex had forgotten about that term. Or perhaps he just didn't want to remember. Adventurers blessed by foreign gods with unique powers hailed another realm whose existence Alex had never been able to understand. When he'd asked if it were located beyond the seas, they'd just laugh and they'd tease for him being such a nip. A native of this realm, as far as he understood it. Though uncommon, there were others who, like him, teamed up with foreign adventurers to embark on perilous quests.
"If not for you," said Alex, "this village would not be here. They owe their existence to the great adventurer Featherspark and they are well aware of this fact."
Scratching his nose, Lance mumbled something under his breath though Alex could not quite catch it. "Old friend," said Lance. "I need you to do something for me."
A big smile spread across Alex' lips. "Anything for you my friend."
Reaching for something under his robe, Lance pulled out a small flacon and handed it to Alex. Shocked to receive such a gift, he resisted at first. "This is a high-grade healing potion," he said. "They cost a fortune."
"To you nips, perhaps," said Lance. "It's not much of a concern to us adventurers. Take it. And also," he said as the expression on his face turned grim. "I need you to sit down right here. Just sit. Whatever happens, don't move."
Squinting at his old friend in an attempt to see if he were being serious, Alex saw no traces of irony. "That is a ... strange request," he said.
Lance forced the item into his hands and he smiled. "As you know, I'm a strange man. Just sit here. If you hear sounds, ignore them. Can you do this for me?"
Why? he wanted to ask but he knew better than to expect an answer. Was he planning on putting on a show for the villagers? They would, indeed, be delighted to see him. Many of the young knew him only from stories but the others would recognize him and they'd shout and squeal and if they'd had enough to drink they'd also run over to give him a warm embrace. He was, after all, their hero. The great adventurer Featherspring. But to Alex he would always be Lance, his dear friend from a realm beyond his own.
"Alright," Alex said. "I'll give it a try."
In all his time here in Longswood, Alex had never let on that he had a personal connection with their hero. When they spoke of him, Alex would act as if the name meant nothing to him. Because as far as the villagers knew, Featherspring and the rest of the adventurers were born of this realm like themselves. But Alex knew the truth. And he knew that they wouldn't be able to make sense of it. In addition, he enjoyed this little game very much.
"Good," said Lance and he gave Alex a pat on his shoulder.
As Lance entered the village caught in the spell of celebration, Alex thought again of the blood. Where had it come from?
Unable to shake off his worry, he decided to break his promise to his old friend and he followed the trail Lance had left behind.
It led him to something lying in a ditch, covered in curious birds. As Alex shooed them off and saw what they had been crowing over, he fell over in shock as if assaulted by memories he had worked hard to rid himself of.
"Fat Rhens ..." he said, though the name seemed no longer to belong to the cadaver before him. The smell hit his nostrils with a fury and he vomited his porridge into his lap. Then he heard a scream. Then some more.
He frantically retrieved the healing potion from his pocket though he knew well it would be of no use. Fat Rhens was dead.
Unsheathing his sword, Alex ran into the village. There he saw his friend, Lance, sitting on a bale of hay, eating a pear. Next to him stood a blood ogre basking in the cries of terrified villagers.
On the ground lay the body of a girl in a white, gold-spotted summer dress, clutching a frostrose. In the air flew her head. It landed with a thud and rolled over to Alex' feet. Letting out a bitter cry, Alex raised his sword and charged at the blood ogre.
"I thought I told you to sit," said Lance, chewing on his fruit. "Fucking nips."
A vulture flew overhead and sat down on the head of a brass statue. "Featherspring shall return!" promised its engraving. And return he had.
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2021.11.30 17:26 rifts new to matic, need help

Hello, I followed a guide to get matic but im stuck. I have USDT on the matic network but I can not convert into matic because the gas but I have no way to get matic to pay for the gas.
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2021.11.30 17:26 NotAshamedGaming Played my first match on Valparaiso last night. It's such a gorgeous map.

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2021.11.30 17:26 PleasantPension Thinking of buying a killer

So I've been thinking of buying a killer, I have a few already that I love, but I'm itching for either Ghostface or Freddie who I know are both lower tier. I know few people like them, but I like fun games I don't have to win every game I mostly always drag one survivor to the hatch, so I'm not hard playing it. Thank you in advance!
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2021.11.30 17:26 g30rgi0 Updated Trim in October

I updated my trim from XLT (ordered 9/18) to Lariat (changed 10/14). When I got my new preview order sheet I got a different order code. My dealer says that is normal and that everything was updated, however I never received an email showing that. I just called Ford marketing and asked about my truck status. They only showed that my truck was an XLT and the lariat trim info would only show on the dealer end.
I'm just worried that my dealer might have put two orders in and not just updated my original order. There is no way for me to check my Lariat status, except through my dealer it seems. Everything points to my truck being an XLT except the preview sheet the dealer gave me.
Do you guys have any insight on this situation?
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2021.11.30 17:26 SignificantInsect502 bin w/16 mag wer mit mir schreiben? snap:m_lanzig2021

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2021.11.30 17:26 the_reddit_wolf_ I feel like giving up

I just cant take it anymore for a long time i hoped ir would get better but it obly got worse i feel like a burden and a disapointment to my parents and sometimes i think like whats even the point in living anymore i dont know what to do help ive even tought about ending it all but i dont have the guts
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2021.11.30 17:26 IG_commissar_rale Masses of German prisoners captured following the Battle of St.Quentin Canal october 2 1918 [1080x1357]

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2021.11.30 17:26 RolandMT32 My cat has been resting more, less excitable in the last week or so

I have a female cat, about 5.5 years old. Normally, whenever I come home, my cat is always at the door and meows and rubs on me and seems excited to see me. She also normally follows me around and is often in the same room as me. Also, lately she has been laying on me a lot when I'm in bed (usually when I just get into bed and also in the morning when my alarm goes off). And when I get up and get ready for work in the morning, she usually follows me to the bathroom, and is in the bedroom when I'm getting dressed, and follows me to the kitchen/dining area where I give her a treat in the morning.
However, in the last week or so, she has seemed less excitable and resting more. There have been 2 times in the past week when I came home and she wasn't at the door immediately (she's usually already at the door before I open it). The first time, it made me worry she had somehow gotten out, because she has always been at the door when I come home. Also, in the last week, she has not been laying on me in bed nearly as much as she normally would. And this morning, when I was getting ready for work, she was just resting on the couch the whole time. She didn't even get up when I put some cat treats in her treat bowl (though she did get up after a minute).
I've been a little worried something might be wrong, if she's sick or if something is bothering her. One thing I've noticed is that my upstairs neighbors in the apartment have been a little noisier lately, as I've been hearing bumps and bangs up there a lot more often in the past couple weeks or so (making me wonder what they could possibly be doing to make that kind of noise so much).
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2021.11.30 17:26 Impressive-Morning76 Based on a slip up with sabaton and AirPods.

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2021.11.30 17:26 enthusiasticcannibal where can i get idv merch in the UK??

i've been on etsy and amazon, ebay, it's all in another country where im unsure of how much it'd be in total thanks to brexit hiking up prices on overseas items.
i saw a TON of plushies on amazon but they have zero reviews so i have no idea if it's a legit product or not, they sure do look it but i'm also insanely weary of buying something with no review. i also saw a little mini figure thing but you get a random figure and it is 80 quid for all 13 when i really don't want the survivors as much as i do the 3 hunters you get in the pack.
oh also before anyone may reccomend it; i do not trust redbubble. used it twice and each time my bank got hacked into.
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2021.11.30 17:26 pauliticks do you have people review your supplementals?

obvi for the personal essay you probably would but is it a good idea to ask a friend/teachecounselor for feedback on supps?
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2021.11.30 17:26 send-me-kitty-pics This is why I stopped drinking coffee

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2021.11.30 17:26 glugul An alien dictatorship enrages the human wartime ai known as "The Nut" forcing it to declare war.

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2021.11.30 17:26 SnooDrawings6084 Trade 2 Friday Dec 3rd tickets for 2 Saturday tickets? (Stubbs, Austin TX)

I can’t make it Friday and want to trade for Saturday!
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2021.11.30 17:26 tired_prints Made this last night for my boys

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[WTS][US-CA][H]64 Audio Nio, CA Andromeda, Jabra Evolve2 85 [W] Paypal
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2021.11.30 17:26 Fun-Sherbet9350 Scared of the future

Been married for one year to my great husband. He has some stuff to work on for himself, but overall, he has a good heart. I’m just scared of our future.
I see a lot of posts here about people who have been married 5+ years who are experiencing disconnections from their partner. Physical cheating, emotional cheating, falling out of love, or dead bedroom. The 7 year itch.
I’m scared that the attraction and connection we have for each other now will fade over time. We tell each other I love you a million times a day. Sex life has gotten better. Physical touch is always there. I’m scared of it going away.
We have constantly said we would never cheat, and the type of things that we have gone through, we trust each other on that. But I can’t stand the idea of the possibility that he will ask me that he wants to see other people, that he is emotionally cheating with someone, or he wants a divorce because he just doesn’t love me anymore.
I know that I’m completely dumb for psyching myself out over a simple possibility of it all happening and that I’m just self-sabotaging by a hypothetical situation, but still haven’t gotten it out of my mind. Idk what to do
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2021.11.30 17:26 210poyo What's the oil and gas industry doing in the UK?

Hey there from Texas! For the folks that are in the Oil and Gas industry in the UK, how's work been? Has it been slow and spotty or has it been consistent during this pandemic?
I'm on the midstream (pipeline and gas treating) side of the business. The Company I work for has been steady and work has been relatively normal, projects and maintenance are still going on, and day to day operations.
How about y'all?
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2021.11.30 17:26 SnooGadgets2771 Picked up someone at airport and when I hit let’s go it said 2 hour trip ???

I don’t think I got a warning ahead of time. Is this normal ?? I said sorry lady I can’t drive you 2 hours away at 9pm. Even tho it was a 25$ airport surge.
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